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Cryptocurrency Broker

Cryptocurrency Broker

You might be new to cryptoworld. In that case we understand that if you want to invest, you need guidance. You need someone who understands ins and outs of cryptos. Someone who is familiar with the market and knows how to play this game. Am I right? Well, such a person doesn’t exist. I used to work for a broker.

Those guys don’t understand assets they sell to clients. They have techniques how to lure you in, get you deposit money and then trade. They might sometimes get lucky and give you a good tip. But most of the time they will give you bad signals and you’re gonna start losing money. If we managed to trade crypto without broker, you can do it too. Anyone can do it.

Brokers eat your profits

Every time your broker gets lucky and gives you a good tip, they take a comission out of your trade. It might be only few %, but if you invest 1 million USD, those few % is a lot of money. Are you really gonna give it to the suits? Don’t you think you could do better without them? Aren’t you fed up with banks and suits in general? The only one who profits in this game is broker. Because he gets commission, while you’re still running open positions and even though you’re theoretically making money, nothing is certain. Why do you think brokers have watches like Rolex and drive new Mercedes? Because they rip off their clients. OK there are exceptions. For example eToro. We write about them here. But that’s because of their amazing platform (and idea), where you just copy successful traders who know exactly what they’re doing.

Cryptocurrencies are not difficult to understand

If you have basic understanding of finance and economy in general, it’s really not that difficult to learn the crypto game. Take for example Bitcoin. Why do you think its price goes up? Because more people see it as a store of value. Like gold. In this case it’s better than gold, because the record of your ownership exists in a decentralized database (ledger) that runs on thousands of computers around the whole world. Government can’t do anything about it. They can’t take your bitcoins. But they can seize your bank account. And then you’re done. This freedom together with mass adoption among younger generation is the reason why the price of Bitcoin went so high. But mostly it’s because banks are playing old game. They are not important anymore. We don’t need them anymore. Yes, it’s gonna take couple more years to get adoption of crypto into everyday life of majority of people, but even nowadays there are many stores, many websites, many opportunities where you can pay with bitcoin. But why would you do it? Store it safely and keep waiting. That’s what we all do. Because we know its price will keep going up. Why? Keep reading.

Cryptocurrency market is still young

While market cap of Bitcoin was more than 1 trillion USD (before current correction), most coins and tokens are very undervalued. Sometimes you have a chance to invest in such an early phase, that it can give you insane profit, I’m talking 10x, sometimes even more. In less than a year! It happened with few coins and tokens. It’s happening now as we speak. So stop wasting your time with ideas like that you need cryptocurrency broker. You just need a plan. And we can give you a plan.

What cryptocurrencies you should buy

First of all, we are not financial advisors. Trade at your own risk! Second, we are not associated with any crypto project. We’re just a bunch of burnouts, who barely finished high school. Then we tried couple of startups, didn’t go well…. and then we found crypto. Since then we made enough money to have a decent life.

Now back to business. There is couple of projects you should know. Read about them here. Don’t forget to use Google and search for these projects on your own. Check out Coingecko, Twitter, blog on Medium, Telegram channel, Discord channel. Talk to people. Mostly you encounter holders of these coins and tokens so ask them why they put their money in that coin / token.

How to find interesting projects in seconds

Short answer? Market cap. Take a look at NFT and DeFi projects. You can find them on Coingecko. These projects sometimes are cheaper than 1 USD and have a market cap of let’s say 100 million USD. But the market they entered is 10x bigger. So yes, these coins and tokens will give you huge profit. We scan them regularly and put them into our portfolio that currently has 12 assets. We doubled our money in less than two months. But that’s normal. We’re in a bull market.

How to buy cryptocurrencies

You will need trading account on exchange. We recommend They are biggest and they have a team of financial analysts who check coins and tokens to be listed on the exchange. If these guys believe in something, you can believe too.

Register here. Next stop should be security. Activate 2FA verification. This way you will always need mobile phone to confirm transaction. After that you can deposit money. Either by bank transfer or by using credit card. Start with smaller amount of money. Let’s say 10% of what you can invest right now.

Once you deposit money, just use the information we gave you to buy the coin / token. The user interface of Binance is not difficult. We learned to use it. You will too. If you encounter some problems though, feel free to contact us at

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Millions of ordinary folks managed to get rich in one generation.

Are they smarter than you? No.

Were they luckier than you? No.

The only reason why they have more money than you is that they followed the plan. They invested money.

And you can do that too.

What’s stopping you now from taking some money and investing into some of the cryptocurrencies we mentioned?

Don’t wait and invest now
If you decide to invest, do it now, because there are countless opportunities every day. You don’t want to miss that. And if you really invest, trust me, that the only problem you’re gonna have, is that you haven’t invested more. Sounds fair? Find out more about cryptocurrencies that are worthy of your attention.

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