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Cryptocurrency How to Invest

Cryptocurrency How to Invest

In first two months of 2021 we doubled our cryptocurrency investment. Yes, that’s right. We hand-picked alt coins and tokens with explosive potential using our own research method. Was it luck? No! Are we smarter than you? No! You could do what we did.

All it takes is to understand how to buy coin/token, how to store it safely in a wallet and then you just wait for your portfolio to grow while you dream about that lambo and hot girlfriend.

In this article we will give you some tips on how to invest in cryptocurrency. Even if you just started with cryptocurrencies, you might find this very helpful.

Crypto is here to stay and the best thing you can do is to learn it.

How to invest in cryptocurrency

First of all you will need sites like or to find out coins or tokens you like and you want to invest in. If you are complete beginner, you might wanna check out our hot tips. Just remember to do your own research, because we are not financial advisors! Those are the guys who would send you to bank to put your hard earned money on savings account where you get <2% per year. Trade at your own risk!

Find the right exchange to buy your cryptocurrency

Once you known what coins or tokens you want to invest in, the hardest part is to find the exchange, where you can buy what you want. Check out for example. All big coins and tokens are here and you can buy them. Then you got small projects that just started. You won’t find them listed on Binance. But they will be on or other exchange. Use Coingecko to find out what exchanges support your coin or token.

Register on Exchange and secure your account

If you choose Binance, register here. Don’t forget to set up 2FA authentication to secure your account. That way you will always need to confirm transactions and withdrawals via your phone.

Invest in your cryptocurrency

No matter what exchange you end up using, they all look very similar. You will need some time to get familiar with it. In most cases you will first need to buy bitcoin, because only then you can acquire coin or token you wish to hold. We are working on tutorial how to use Binance. In the meantime feel free to drop us email at We are happy to help.

Store your cryptocurrency in a wallet

Never leave your cryptocurrency sitting on exchange. Always use withdrawal function and send it to your wallet. That’s another topic to discuss. We will bring info on different wallets in the future. Right now you have to figure out what kind of cryptocurrency you are holding. Google the name of cryptocurrency and add the keyword “wallet” – for example “cardano wallet” or “beam wallet”.

How to store tokens in a wallet

Remember that tokens are not coins. With tokens you need to figure out what kind of blockchain they are using. Most likely it will be ethereum, so the token is ERC20 and you can store it in Metamask wallet, which is popular easy and secure wallet that works as extension to Google Chrome. If it’s BEP20 token, you can download Binance smart chain extension to Google Chrome. Often the token is not added in these wallets and you have to manually configure it. It’s not difficult, you just need to know the address of contract. That can be found on sites like (for ERC20) and (for BEP20). Again – we understand that for beginners this might sound all complicated, so drop us email at and we will help you.

Now sit tight and don’t check the price every hour

Cryptocurrencies are volatile. That means they can increase / decrease in price quickly. One day you might see 10% gain. Another day 7% drop. Don’t get obsessed with the price checking. Remember – cryptocurrencies are the future. Sit tight and HODL your coins and tokens. Give it a time. That’s the best advice anyone can give you.

Do you have questions about investing in cryptocurrencies?

Drop us email at We will be happy to help. Just please be patient, we receive so many emails, that it takes some time to process them.

Millions of ordinary folks managed to get rich in one generation.

Are they smarter than you? No.

Were they luckier than you? No.

The only reason why they have more money than you is that they followed the plan. They invested money.

And you can do that too.

What’s stopping you now from taking some money and investing into some of the cryptocurrencies we mentioned?

Don’t wait and invest now
If you decide to invest, do it now, because there are countless opportunities every day. You don’t want to miss that. And if you really invest, trust me, that the only problem you’re gonna have, is that you haven’t invested more. Sounds fair? Find out more about cryptocurrencies that are worthy of your attention.

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