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Cryptocurrency new coins

Cryptocurrency new coins

First of all, if you’re new into the world of cryptocurrencies, we recommend you to read this article. It will give you all the important information about crypto in general. Don’t speed the things up. You have to understand the basics. 

Then you can start searching for new cryptocurrency coins, which will be the topic of this article.

We provide crypto education for free based on 4 years of experience trading cryptocurrencies.

We are no Wall Street suits. Just normal guys like you, trying to make a decent living.

How to find new cryptocurrency coins

It’s easy. Go to Coingecko through this link. It will display the list of all the new cryptocurrency coins. The newest are on top. It takes a while for Coingecko to add a coin, so don’t feel surprised that the coin you’re looking at already has some price action and trading volume.

How to analyze new cryptocurrency coins

It’s not difficult to analyze new cryptocurrency coins. What we usually do is we compare new coins. We create spreadsheet and include all the important information in it. Then we compare it and simply choose what we feel like is the best project. Let’s dive little bit more into analysis.

Total supply is the key

First of all, check out total supply. If supply is in billions, don’t expect this cryptocurrency coin to hit more than few cents. There’s one exception – if this project burns coins (or tokens), there might be a chance, it will reach interesting value. But we are still talking cents. So you have to be really early and buy as soon as possible. These projects can be usually bought on Uniswap or PancakeSwap. You will need a wallet with some crypto in it, so you can swap it for this new coin.

Trading volume is important

You need liquidity. That means you’re after those coins, that have high trading volume. We’re talking hundreds of thousands or even millions. If you find this trading volume, you are good to go. It means that once you hit your target, there will be liquidity and you will be able to sell the coin and take the profit.

Other factors to study

Does your project have a working product? Is it beta? Are they planning to release it? When if so? Do they have a roadmap? Do they follow the roadmap? Is their website updated? Are they active on social media channels? What do you know about the team behind the project? Check out their Linkedin profiles. Do they have previous experience or skills related to blockchain? All of these things matter. Write everything down.

Final words – diversify your portfolio

You will most likely buy the project that will fail. It happens to everyone. And that’s why you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify. Meaning? Choose more projects. Let’s say you have 1,000 USD to invest. I would invest 100 USD into ten projects. If one fails, you lose only 10% of your money. If one project’s gonna go to the moon, you can see 10x, even 100x gain. That would mean you will have 10,000 USD, even 100,000 USD.

Do you have questions? Do you need help?

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Millions of ordinary folks managed to get rich in one generation.

Are they smarter than you? No.

Were they luckier than you? No.

The only reason why they have more money than you is that they followed the plan. They invested money.

And you can do that too.

What’s stopping you now from taking some money and investing into some of the cryptocurrencies we mentioned?

Don’t wait and invest now
If you decide to invest, do it now, because there are countless opportunities every day. You don’t want to miss that. And if you really invest, trust me, that the only problem you’re gonna have, is that you haven’t invested more. Sounds fair? Find out more about cryptocurrencies that are worthy of your attention.

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