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Free cryptocurrency

So you heard. Yes, there are projects that offer coins for free.

It’s not that easy though, because we are talking about projects in some phase of development.

So coins have currently no value on market and it’s a waiting game.

Let’s find out more about these projects.

We are mining both these coins we present here.

Pi Network

Probably hottest free cryptocurrency right now is Pi Network. The project originated at Stanford University. Which is interesting to point out, because some other already running projects you can invest in are also from graduates of this university. That’s one of the reasons we believe Pi Network will be success. This year should be released mainnet.

And what is Pi Network actually? We dedicated to this topic the whole article, read it here.

Bee Network

Bee Network is another hot free cryptocurrency. It works on the same principle as Pi Network – using your smartphone to premine coins. It exists only couple of months and already has a few millions of users.

What is interesting about this project? Learn more in our article we wrote about Bee Network.

Final words

There are also other free cryptocurrency projects, but we don’t find them interesting enough. Focus on Pi and Bee. These are making moves and could become valuable as soon as they finish and release mainnet.

Many people speculate what’s gonna happen with the price, what will be the starting price, etc.. Don’t dive into these waters. Be glad you premined some free cryptocurrency and wait for the day it costs 0,1 USD. That’s our target for both these coins.

Invest into cryptocurrencies with hughe upside potential

While we all wait, what’s gonna happen with Pi and Bee, there are already hundreds, actually thousands of opportunties how to invest today in cryptocurrencies. Read our list of hot cryptos that are gonna sky rocket.

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