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Is Cryptocurrency the Future?

Is Cryptocurrency the Future?

Well look at the price of Bitcoin. Back in 2010 it had no value. It was literally 0 USD. Even though many young nerds and geeks, IT guys in general, saw an opportunity. They decided to mine it on their computers. They’re millionaires now. Some of them might be even billionaires. They enjoy their yachts, hot girlfriends, fast cars and other advantages of luxury life.

And Warren Buffet still keeps saying that Bitcoin has no value. Of course he says that! He’s not even using computer! Did you know that? Yes, he knows how to make money. He just completely doesn’t understand blockchain.

In this article I will explain you why is cryptocurrency the future.

What the hell happened?

Banks happened. After last big collapse in 2008 people again saw how quickly government came to help bail out banks. From taxpayer’s money. Your money. And those assholes in their thousand dollar suits who caused the crash that put thousands families out on the streets “somehow” managed not to go to jail and they even got their salaries with fat bonuses.

We don’t need banks anymore

Then the idea of Bitcoin arised from the ashes of big collapse. The idea of creating decentralized network, that cannot be shutdown. The idea of storing value in digital currency, that is mined on computers in order to secure transactions. Soon after that many people joined this new trend. They realized they can send money to anyone without middlemen controlling and storing the transaction in a centralized ledger. Bitcoin came up with better solution – public ledger that runs on thousands and thousands of computers around the whole world. Thus you can’t shut it down. It will survive you, me, your kids, their kids. And the value will only keep going up, because of scarcity and demand.

So cryptocurrency is the future, right?

Yes, sir. Even nowadays money are just a numbers in a computer database. Yes we still use hard cash but that will change in time. More and more people use credit cards to pay for goods. Everytime they do that, Visa or another company gets a share of those money. Sounds like a good business, right? Except they will go bankrupt in 10, maybe 20 years. Yes, average Joe has no idea how Bitcoin works and he’s afraid of it. But millennials? They live with technology. They were raised with technology. They know how Bitcoin works. Even my brother, who is not computer geek, bought bitcoin. Even my parents asked me a week ago if it’s safe to invest in Bitcoin. They realized that government could run out of money and they need to secure their financial freedom. You know what I told them? I told them to buy. And HODL. Wait 5 or 10 years and then cash out.

Can anyone stop the rise of cryptocurrencies?

Yes and no. Cryptocurrencies cannot be shutdown. But exchanges could be. Some asshole in a suite could propose a great idea to “protect investors” (= banks) and ban trading in exchanges. Before you start panicking, realize this – folks in crypto know this from the day 1. And they are prepared. Cryptocurrencies are not so different from fiat money. They have value, because we believe in it and we gave it that value. And if there will be a way for Joe to send Alice bitcoin or to change bitcoin to another cryptocurrency without the use of exchange, we will be safe. Guess what. There already is this function. It’s called atomic swap. I expect that most crypto wallets will soon provide this function. Forget what you read in news. Forget what Goldman Sachs or another bank said. Believe the technology. Blockchain will stay. For good.

What should I do now?

Invest. Take some money you can afford to take (don’t gamble with your reserve fund, there’s a reason it’s called “reserve fund”) and buy bitcoin. I am not saying now. I say yesterday. The current bull market could put the price of bitcoin to 100 000 USD. So you can double your money. Sounds fair? What’s stopping you from trying it?

Are you ready to become part of crypto revolution?

The best way to buy bitcoin is to use well-known secured exchange that offers 2FA verification (you approve transactions via your mobile phone). I use and I recommend you do the same.

Buy Bitcoin today

Register today for free on this link, set up your account and deposit money you want to invest. Then use the market app of Binance to buy bitcoin. It might be difficult to learn to use the platform and that’s why we will help you – send us an email at and we will assist you with setting up an account and buying bitcoin. We will also help you store bitcoin in a wallet.

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Do you have questions? Do you need help?

Drop us email at We will be happy to help. Just please be patient, we receive so many emails, that it takes some time to process them.

Millions of ordinary folks managed to get rich in one generation.

Are they smarter than you? No.

Were they luckier than you? No.

The only reason why they have more money than you is that they followed the plan. They invested money.

And you can do that too.

What’s stopping you now from taking some money and investing into some of the cryptocurrencies we mentioned?

Don’t wait and invest now
If you decide to invest, do it now, because there are countless opportunities every day. You don’t want to miss that. And if you really invest, trust me, that the only problem you’re gonna have, is that you haven’t invested more. Sounds fair? Find out more about cryptocurrencies that are worthy of your attention.

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