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Pi Network

Pi network – register for free and start mining today

If you’re here, because you heard about Pi Network, you’re on the right website.

If you’re looking for a Pi network code, so you can register and start mining Pi on your smartphone, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where is download link to official app and my code, you need to use in order to activate the app and start mining on your smartphone.

And while you’re here already, read this page to understand why Pi Network is gonna be a success.

But wait, what is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a project launched two years ago by Stanford graduates. They wanted to create a new cryptocurrency that will have active base of users around the whole world. Their idea is to have a marketplace, retailers accepting Pi, miners who validate transactions. The whole ecosystem.

Pi Network is a great idea. In fact, it’s such a great idea, it already has over 14 million users. All these people have the app installed and are mining the coin. Why? Well, for starters, it does not require expensive hardware like other, well-known coins such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Pi tries to be eco-friendly. And we all know how important that is nowadays, right?

Why should I care about Pi Network

Well, for starters, you can earn Pi coins for free. All it takes is to download the app into your Android / iOS device, insert Pi network code and once a day tap the button to start another mining session. These coins have currently no real value, because you can’t trade them on Binance or whatever exchange you want to use. But this year, 2021, is the year when Pi Network will be available and you will be able to buy Pi coins or sell them.

Do you remember Bitcoin back in 2010?

It had no value. 0 dollars. That’s it. Today the value is over 50K USD for one Bitcoin. Crazy right? Do you know how many geeks and nerds are now driving lambo with super-hot girlfriend? Many. Just because they realized it’s the future, it has potential, they have secured their financial freedom not only for themselves, but for their kids too.

Why is Pi Network gonna be a success?

From the same reason why Bitcoin is success. Banks. We hate banks. They give us almost nothing. They get paid for storing our hard earned money. They get paid when we want to send money to someone. And Bitcoin is revolutionary. As other cryptocurrencies, you can easily send money to someone without middleman controlling and possibly censoring the transaction.

Do you know how many people in developing countries don’t have bank account? Imagine them using Pi Network to pay for goods and to send money to their families or friends. Yes, they need smartphone. But smartphones are so cheap nowadays! It’s still cheaper to store value in Pi and send it from Pi app than having a fancy bank account.

Pi Network is the future

The reason I am writing you this is for you to act now. Now is the opportunity. You can be a part of next great thing. Pi Network is gonna be huge. And you can make money. This is the year! In couple of months, Pi Network will be available on exchanges. You will be finally able to sell Pi you earn or buy more.

Get Pi Network app for free today

Do you have Android? Good, use this link and download app from Google Play.

Do you have iOS? Use this link and download app from Apple store.

After you open the app, use the Pi network code jkpj22 and you will activate the app. 
Congratulations, you’re mining!

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