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Which cryptocurrency is gonna sky rocket

Which cryptocurrency is gonna sky rocket

For a beginner, it’s always a difficult task to find the coin or token that has huge upside potential and low risk. But there are some. And we know about them.

Do you wanna find out which cryptocurrency is gonna sky rocket? Keep reading.

This post was created during crypto market correction. So don’t worry – we know what is going on.

First thing you should know about “sky rocketing”

Crypto is full of nerds / smart people. Driven by greed, they create projects and lure you in. Then they dump their shares (and they own a lot, that’s always a problem if you’re new and don’t know a thing about these things) and you’re f**ked. Total loss of invested money. How can you fight this? How can you shield yourself from crypto scammers? Yes, you can. By diversifying your portfolio.

Diversification – the only way to survive in crypto world

No. 1 rule when investing in crypto is to diversify your portfolio. Never bet on one horse only. You risk losing everything. Let’s say you invest into 10 projects instead and one of them will result in 100% loss. But your overall loss will be “only” 10%. What’s the chance you will loose on all 10 horses? Very little. So little, that the whole market would have to tank. And in that case, you should stack more, because it will bounce back. It always bounces back, look at the history of Bitcoin for example.

So let’s talk about cryptocurrencies that are gonna sky rocket

We are currently (we write this post on 23rd of May 2021) experiencing healthy correction of crypto market. It was a long time coming. Whales are taking profit and retail investors are following them. But there is always gonna be a bottom for them, the magical line they won’t cross and that’s when they start buying again. What does it mean? The price will go back up.

So what cryptocurrencies you should buy?

We have 4 great tips what to add into your portfolio. That’s not all of course. We currently invest into 20+ projects. But these 4 are must-hold. So let’s dive in.


King of crypto. Must-own. It’s scarce, widely-adopted, it’s more than just some coin, it’s actually a store of value. That’s how investors perceive it. Digital gold. That’s how we call it. And it’s actually better than gold. Yes, gold exists for thousands of years. But Bitcoin reached the price of gold only in couple of years since the first block was mined. And now it’s 18x times more expensive. Coincidence? We think not. And for Christ sake, don’t listen to Warren Buffett. He’s not even using computer. How could he understand crypto?

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One blockchain is not gonna win attention and will not be used entirely for development of DeFi, NFT, governance and other projects. That’s what the founders of Polkadot realized so they came up with idea to connect different chains together and allow parallel processes. This way they deliver much higher TPS (transaction per second – very important if you want to see some cryptocurrency actually being used for paying for goods and transfers of money) than old blockchains that are wide-spread (like Ethereum). The keyword here is solving problems of Ethereum. By the way, Polkadot was founded by one of the creators of Ethereum. These guys know the crypto game in and out. Polkadot will give you nice profits. Just hold it for couple of years and enjoy the ride.

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This project represents amazing buying opportunity. What it does? It provides instant API access to major blockchain and DeFi protocols. What does it mean? It gives you power to stake easily on any major blockchain. The keyword is easily. Crypto world is for nerds. But every time we see a project like ANKR that makes crypto things easy for common folks, we buy it. This is the way. The platform is so user-friendly, that you basically need just a single line of code. We are bullish on this horse!

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Polygon easily solves many flaws and problems of Ethereum blockchain. It provides protocol and framework to build and connect ethereum compatible blockchain networks. Do you think it sounds difficult? No. Imagine one click deployment of networks. That’s how it works. Add zero gas transactions and you have a winner in the house! Buy now, when it’s still a bargain.

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Buy these cryptocurrencies today!

All 4 of these cryptocurrencies we recommend to buy can be obtained on Binance. That’s the biggest and our favorite exchange. Use this link to register today

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Millions of ordinary folks managed to get rich in one generation.

Are they smarter than you? No.

Were they luckier than you? No.

The only reason why they have more money than you is that they followed the plan. They invested money.

And you can do that too.

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Don’t wait and invest now
If you decide to invest, do it now, because there are countless opportunities every day. You don’t want to miss that. And if you really invest, trust me, that the only problem you’re gonna have, is that you haven’t invested more. Sounds fair? Find out more about cryptocurrencies that are worthy of your attention.

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